getting things together.

Seems like I always have excuses for not writing, still i urge to get stuff written, archived and stored in some safe place. Lately I have been struggling with some dns servers after move of domain. But everything should be sorted now as it seems.

Silly stuff like thinking that if you move a domain to a new host, they will register it with their own name servers. This seem to not always be the case, and I had to re-register it myself on the name servers that my new host provide. Not sure if it was my old host ( who made it hard or my new host (binero) that didn’t care much about it.

Side effect was that no matter what dns/alias i registered/changed for this domain, it had no effect what so ever and continued to point to an IP on the old host.

Anyhow. Stuff moved, set up in new environment and ready to go again. Now I just need to decide if to create my own site for blogging, or continue using WordPress since I’m lazy. The problem is, all cool stuff i know how to do is in .net. Php is something i left behind a very long time ago. Still. If you work with web, I feel you should do your own stuff. So most likely, Instead of writing, I will code something new that maybe some time gets finished, or I’ll just continue whine about how i never get stuff done ^^.


by chance i was dragged into an Umbraco project at work, I did work with Umbraco before, but it was like 5 years ago and I was not that impressed. The thing that bothers me most is that you build your site through a web interface and not with code first.

But things change and some stuff become availible, or atleast starts to get availible. I’ve tried out the Umbraco 7.4.3 and I must say that i start to feel some potential in it again. So much that I will most likely build a personal site around it.

I hope to get better at writing stuff down as well. I’m going on parental leave for 3 months soon, maybe that will let me sort stuff out when it comes to documentation =)

wow, things changed.

i’m impressed. was really easy to move old content to new place, export + import, who would have known. this kind of magic did not exist last time i set up a new wordpress ^^.

nothing to complain about at all atm. even an importer for tumblr, what is this sorcery.

seriously? again?

setting up a new site, again. don’t know which one this is in order, but at least it’s been a while since last time.

not sure why I’m so fixated with having one place on the internet when I don’t mind changing apartment from time to time, guess I care more about words living among the clouds, than about where I sit my ass down at night.

so might not always be bad to set up a new site, but it is always a pain to try move along your previous posts, if you want to..

i guess it somehow is related to where in life you are at, I’m one of those who started exploring internet very early and also claimed my very own shiny domains by that age. some have persisted through the years and some start to feel, maybe not as much me any more.

but how to scrap an old domain that you used for, i dunno like your life on the internet? I don’t know how many different sites i’m registered with aliases referring to those domains,. what will stop working and can you ever feel secure dropping a domain you used for so long?

i guess there will be some sort of transition time where you try to move everything, but it’s not so uncommon that email is something hard to change regarding accounts..

but yes. moving. a site is a start. so let’s begin.

it’s that time of the year

when i once again get the urge to decorate internet with letters in seemingly random order, telling meaningless tales of my daily struggles and achievements, or lack off.

I’m still conflicted regarding Tumblr, but i don’t know why to be honest. It’s not very faithful or even stable, just before when i tried to write on it i wasn’t even able. Maybe it’s just so damn popular that it can’t handle the heat. who knows.

it feels like i’m always working nowadays, and sitting down to write some stuff might force me to reflect or something, i dunno. my dreams are weird as well,.. anyhow, life is a bit stressful at the moment, lots going on and even worse, lots expected for me to make decisions about. I think November might be nice, looking forward to November…

I’m following some rather new anime series thats worth checking out if you are into that kind of stuff.

Blood Lad
Vampire with awesome cool powers beat stuff up and wants to resurrect a girl that accidentally died staying in his room. art is a bit kinky but good actionscenes.

Uchouten Kazoku
Story about an alternate version of the world where more kinds exists than humans. This follows a raccoon that loves to transform into humans and do as little as possible with life.

Sports series about swimming. It’s kinda gay, think it’s some trend in japan atm or something… nice drawing thou.

Fighting series about old japan and samurais + insect men and lots of fighting. Started out pretty good but tend to annoy me lately. the fighting is like cutscenes from fighting games where they have catch phrases and stuff..

Girl who learned everything about boys from videogames and think she is hot and awesome at it. finds out in school that it’s not really true, at all.. Maybe dropping this, a bit weird even for me.

All are distributed by HorribleSubs if you wanna check em out. About 10 episodes of each as of current date.