seriously? again?

setting up a new site, again. don’t know which one this is in order, but at least it’s been a while since last time.

not sure why I’m so fixated with having one place on the internet when I don’t mind changing apartment from time to time, guess I care more about words living among the clouds, than about where I sit my ass down at night.

so might not always be bad to set up a new site, but it is always a pain to try move along your previous posts, if you want to..

i guess it somehow is related to where in life you are at, I’m one of those who started exploring internet very early and also claimed my very own shiny domains by that age. some have persisted through the years and some start to feel, maybe not as much me any more.

but how to scrap an old domain that you used for, i dunno like your life on the internet? I don’t know how many different sites i’m registered with aliases referring to those domains,. what will stop working and can you ever feel secure dropping a domain you used for so long?

i guess there will be some sort of transition time where you try to move everything, but it’s not so uncommon that email is something hard to change regarding accounts..

but yes. moving. a site is a start. so let’s begin.

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