the struggle continues…

I’m struggling with the decision to keep my Tumblr alive or not. It’s really annoying not knowing where to write. I have no intention of keeping a diary, but sometimes you just need to write shit down to keep it away from your head. So I have both Tumblr and WordPress, both fighting to survive in my mind… Tumblr is pretty, it’s simple and it demands no more work from me. Although if I fix WordPress, it will kick Tumblr’s ass regarding function and possibility for extensions..

It’s also a question about language and foremost identity on the Internet. It’s lovely and more personal to write in your own language, but you are speaking to the Internet, and the Internet speaks english? but ye, google translate can always fix that for you..

Maybe will fix this if i chose a different template while i work with my own.. hurrr. let’s see.

Confusing, Internet is.

Confusing InternetI’ve been struggling lately, or for some time depending on how you see it, to sort out my internet presence. I have since before the iPhone even went public, been a Twitter fan. The message was clear, answer the question “What are you doing?” in less than 140 chars. That is excellent and superb in all its simplicity and that is also precisely why I like it. I always know what Twitter wants from me.

I can also cope with Instagram. Instagram wants an Image (and a caption if i feel like it). Other people can follow me here and like images if they want. Twitter and Instagram compare well. One for text and one for images. (Don’t get me started about Facebook, I stil don’t know what it expects me to do with it..)

There are times when I want to write more than 140 chars and maybe even share images at the same time. Then i need something more like a blog. I have Tumblr and I have WordPress, where to write? Tumblr have a saying that “it is for the world’s creators”. Working with www it feels like I truly am one of those =/. Then why shouldn’t i write my stuff on Tumblr? part of being a creator of www is the design and the special functions and awesomeness that you can create for the internet. There is no room for this on Tumblr. You can of course customize stuff, but not in the same extension as if you host your own stuff. And yes I know this currently is a standard template but I am working on something and hopefully it will be done some time…

So today I decided to shut down my tumblr for now and switch language here to english, since it is the Internet after all… Maybe I’ll do some fancy google translate for the rest of the stuff as well later on.