getting things together.

Seems like I always have excuses for not writing, still i urge to get stuff written, archived and stored in some safe place. Lately I have been struggling with some dns servers after move of domain. But everything should be sorted now as it seems.

Silly stuff like thinking that if you move a domain to a new host, they will register it with their own name servers. This seem to not always be the case, and I had to re-register it myself on the name servers that my new host provide. Not sure if it was my old host ( who made it hard or my new host (binero) that didn’t care much about it.

Side effect was that no matter what dns/alias i registered/changed for this domain, it had no effect what so ever and continued to point to an IP on the old host.

Anyhow. Stuff moved, set up in new environment and ready to go again. Now I just need to decide if to create my own site for blogging, or continue using WordPress since I’m lazy. The problem is, all cool stuff i know how to do is in .net. Php is something i left behind a very long time ago. Still. If you work with web, I feel you should do your own stuff. So most likely, Instead of writing, I will code something new that maybe some time gets finished, or I’ll just continue whine about how i never get stuff done ^^.